In Patient Department

Inpatient department is for the patients whose condition requires admission at Winner Health Care. Progress in modern medicine and the advent of comprehensive out-patient clinics ensure that patients are only admitted to a hospital when they are extremely ill or have severe physical trauma.

Winner Health Care ensures 24 hours availability of Duty Doctors and trained nursing staff for admitted patients. WHC has Male/Female Wards, VIP Rooms, Private Rooms and Semi-Private rooms for admitted patients.

WHC has a number of senior consultants on board for the treatment of admitted patients. Each patient is admitted under 'Care Of' some specialist. Additionally there are a number of consultants, which are available on call and can be contacted on requirements. The trained staff appointed for admitted patients take care of the routine medicine and special instructions given by the consultants on their daily visits. We also maintain patient record on dispense of medicine and other services.

Apart from providing quality health care services, WHC is specially focusing on providing healthy and disinfected environment for the admitted patients. For this purpose, we are following guidelines of WHO and MSDS of PHC. We strictly adhere to the most current international protocols for cross infection control and sterilization of instruments. Patient safety and ethical practice are our cardinal principles to ensure quality treatment for all our patients.

Covid Patient IPD Charges
Admission Charges: Rs 500
PPE Charges: Rs 4,000 per day
Private Room Charges: Rs 6,000 per day
Ward Charges: Rs 3,000 per day
ICU Charges: Rs 9,000 per day
Ventilator Charges: Rs 700/hour