Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Winner Health Care’s Obstetrics/Gynecology department is a tertiary care centre and the busiest and sought after department in the region. It caters for all the major and advanced conventional surgeries. Our supporting Pediatric Department is laced with hi-tech neonatal ventilators. Epidural analgesia, and antenatal/intranatal fetal monitoring are available round the clock.

Winner Health Care caters to the needs of its regular patients as well as complicated/high risk births. The hospital maintains liaison with General Practitioners and Lady Doctors working in surrounding areas of the Hospital. The Services rendered at Winner Health Care’s High Risk Gynecology Centre are credible and reliable.

At Winner Health Care our specially designed Labour room provides a relaxing and personal place for labour and give birth.

Patient may have a Labour Room attendants, Female Medical officer and Gynecologist during the labour and birth. Material Risks involved in the case shall be explained by the Gynecologist, Chief Medical Officer or Anesthetist. If patient needs to give birth by a Cesarean or Normal delivery, patient will be required to sign an informed Consent Form along with immediate family member to co-sign it. A CTG and other preoperative tests are required in the pre-birth phase. And Pre/Post-operative phase an Ultrasound may be required to make assessment of the condition of the mother

Coming to the Hospital

ALWAYS call your Gynecologist doctor or before coming to the hospital. If you are unable to reach her, contact the hospital’s Female OPD Clinic at 055-4800025.

Remember to bring your Medical File and a baby bag with you. When you arrive at Winner Health Care report to Emergency Department. A Female Medical Officer and nurse will meet you, check your condition, and ask you a few questions about your labour. Depending on your condition at that time, you will be cared for in one of the following ways:

• Patient will go directly to a Labour Room or
• Patient will remain in the Female OPD (Assessment Room) where members of the health care team will check your condition further, or
• Patient may be sent to a room/ward if you are in very early labour. Your treating Gynecologist will give you clear instructions to you and the staff about the plan of care.

Pain Relief during Labour/ Pain less Delivery

Pain relief medication is not routinely given during labour, but is available with your Gynecologist’s orders. There are many methods of pain relief, including breathing techniques, body positioning, walking and massage, as well as medications (narcotics, nitrous oxide, epidurals).

Medication is available on your request with a doctor's orders. Not everyone needs it. Anesthesiologists will help you choose medication methods for relieving pain.

You may wish to talk to an anesthesiologist about your pain relief choices for labour, birth and/or Cesarean birth in advance. This can be arranged through the Female OPD Clinic or your Gynecologist. Ask your doctor or contact reception to arrange an appointment.

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Birth

Winner Health Care’s High risk Gynecology Centre supports women who have a vaginal birth after Cesarean section (VBAC). If you have previously given birth by Cesarean section, we encourage you to consider a trial of labour with your current pregnancy. You should discuss this option with Gynecologist or Chief Medical Officer. You are also encouraged to seek a 2nd Opinion on the case to help you make an informed decision.

Cesarean Birth

If you are having a planned Cesarean birth, your Gynecologist will pre-book your surgery date. You will be admitted to the hospital under the Day of Cesarean Birth Program, allowing you to come in on the date of your baby's birth.

After the Birth

After your baby is born, you will move to a VIP Room, Private Room or a ward.

We strongly encourage you to have someone stay with you throughout your hospital stay to support you and to learn about caring for your new baby.

Your baby will stay in your room with you 24 hours a day unless he or she requires extra care. Keeping your baby with you, with lots of skin to skin care will help your milk to come in quickly.

Routine tests and procedures on all babies will be done during the first days after birth. These tests will be done in your room and you will be encouraged to hold, feed and settle your baby during procedures such as blood tests. You should discuss these tests and procedures with your Pediatrician.

Special procedures are in place to protect the safety of your baby. You can help. Never leave your baby alone. Never give your child to anyone you do not know and who does not have proper hospital photo identification. Your nurse will discuss this with you.


The Gynecologist or Pediatric team shall introduce you to Surgeon who will perform the Circumcision for your baby. The ideal time for Circumcision is when the child is at least 1 month old and stable. Normally Circumcisions are planned not to coincide with your child’s vaccination schedule.

Leaving the Hospital:

Mothers are discharged from the hospital only after the written orders of the Gynecologist or Chief Medical Officer after final examination of the mother. A discharge Slip is issued along with the follow-up instructions and further treatment in the post hospitalization phase.

If your baby is sick or admitted in the neo natal Nursery then Discharge will be on the orders of Pediatrician. We suggest that you get the Hospital’s Birth certificate issued at the time of Discharge for onward registration in with Municipal Corporation.

At any point after discharge from the hospital in case of Emergency you are strongly advised to get in touch with your Gynecologist or contact Female OPD Clinic 24/7 at helpline 055-4800025.

For Pediatric Emergencies please contact your Pediatrician or Paeds OPD Clinic 24/7 at our helpline 055-4800025.


  • 24/7 Services
  • Normal labor / assisted deliveries
  • Cesarean sections
  • All major gynecological surgical procedures
  • Family Planning
  • Infertility
  • Management of normal / complicated pregnancies


We have CTG machines for monitoring the Fetal’s heart beat and good health. Advanced Gynaecology Ultrasound with TVS and Doppler facility is also available. Electronic delivery beds are available to facilitate the labor & easy transfer. Portable electronic baby washers help to clean the new borns.